About us

Would you like to improve the quality of your photos and videos in an easy, 

quick way and without having to spend hundreds of Dollars on photo equipment?

LUMON was created just for you.

With LUMON you will forget about all the difficulties that have always compromised your photos,

no matter what cell phone model you have.

Are you a content creator, a teacher or do you want to look

more beautiful on camera?

LUMON is designed to solve all your problems.


The biggest problem with making professional photos or videos is lighting.

Good light eliminates skin imperfections by making you look better without the need to learn complicated editing and post-production techniques.

LUMON is the secret choice of the most famous makeup artists and influencers.

If you work as a teacher or content creator, you will surely have noticed how problematic it is to shoot video content with proper lighting.

The main problem is rapidity. Many marketers and gurus of the online world have sets and a staff always ready to follow them in all circumstances.

Here is why:

  • It is super light.

  • It is incredibly small.

  • You can always carry it along with you so you can record or photograph what you want without any prior notification.

  • It is a designer object that will make everyone envy you. 

  • It is extraordinarily powerful but does not irritate the eyes. In fact, it contains over 40 LEDs of the highest quality protected by the diffuser. After 3 years of study and research, our team has created a technology that can filter light so as not disturb the eyes and that allows to produce light like in a professional photo set.

  • With a simple click, you can choose different intensities of brightness and different light modes (cold or hot).

  • It is really easy to use.

  • It has a long-lasting battery (over 2 hours of continuous use at maximum potency).